The Midnight Call

As twilight paved way for dawn… and what was unsaid all along… didn’t need expression anymore..
Two people kept talking .. all night long.
Even when words failed them.. those moments.. were not of awkward silence, rather gushing with torrential emotions.
It was almost as if they reached out and were holding each other tightly.. across the miles that tore them apart.
They might have been lying in their drab realities…
And yet, reality was somewhere else that night.
Dew soaked grass and a starry sky… everyone dozing but you and I.
We walked all night… whispering.. through the fragrant paths of the ancient school of wisdom.

This is the moment for which I had preserved that memory
A night that existed in another time, another place.. but manifested to reality in another dimension..
Who said we can’t travel across time and space?
I just did..
It was as if you were there.. right next to me.
Cradling me in your arms… the wind whispering ancient tales of the heart to us, like gentle raindrops
I wish I could erase all those wrinkles on your forehead with soft kisses..
Hold you so tight that I could melt away all the pain.
Never had our imagination been so real.. never had we been closer.. than that night..
When we poured our hearts away